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4 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Web Developer

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It would be hard for any company today to survive without hiring a web or application developer. How else would such a firm sell their products online or show up on web browsers? How would people who live halfway around the world know about them? The truth is, as the owner of a firm, you’ll need to hire a web developer at some point. So, how do you pick out the right one (especially if you’re not into software jargon)?

In Web Development, Aptitude trumps Skillset

So an interviewee can rumble off all the latest web developments, that doesn’t make him the best one for the job. Every two years, technology changes almost completely. When you want to hire a long term developer, don’t just look at what she is good at at that time. Instead, ask yourself, can this candidate learn and adapt to software developments two, three years from now? If he has the aptitude for learning, he’s better off than the candidate who’s stuck on one skill.

Testing is more Predictive than Questioning

A web developer who can rattle off the entire history of web development but can’t pull off a job isn’t worth hiring. So, instead of asking questions in interviews, give the candidates projects and watch them work. Assess the end product. If you like it, hire him.

You’ll Fire People- severally

A developer who doesn’t keep deadlines or who gives low-quality output can mess up a whole project, so you have to be ready to fire the wrong people to hire the right ones.

It doesn’t hurt to check them out

Developers can sound impressive in interviews. However, before you decide that one of them is The One, take time to assess your candidate’s past work. Look at their other sites. How do they rank? What is their load time (you can check this using sites like The ideal load time is below 8s)? Does the site have valid code? What do their former employers have to say about their work? Knowing a developer’s history can help you predict how he will perform with your company.

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