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How to Improve your Ecommerce Website Ranking on Google

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In ecommerce website, getting the first click every time is crucial. Each website click-through means that your business stands a better chance of making a sale. It also means that your product has a higher chance of being recommended to another user. With the first link getting three times as many clicks as the second, it’s also important that you rank #1 on the first page, not just be in it. Here are a few tips to help you improve your rank on search engine result pages.

Know your Keywords, and the Competition

Keywords are a big part of SEO for any website, but it’s even more meaningful for an ecommerce website where more visits result in higher sales. Try these steps to ensure that all the keywords you put on your website page put you closer to the top with Google.

  1. Research them. Look for long tail keywords (three words or more) that are relevant to your product, constantly searched and have lower ranking difficulty
  2. Check out what keywords the competition is using. If a keyword is too crowded and the competition for it is strong, using another one would be the best option
  3. Don’t cannibalize a keyword, that is, don’t use one keyword for multiple pages on your ecommerce website

Correct Current Problems on the Website

Google doesn’t only rank ecommerce sites because of SEO. Quality matters too. Therefore, you need to look through your ecommerce website and make sure you don’t have grammar, spelling or other mundane mistakes. Similarly, ensure that people can actually reach your website — correct any 404 no-content or 302 redirect errors that might be hanging around.

Make it easier to use

The more navigable an ecommerce site is, the more likely it is that customers will surf through it and even come back. Additionally, the higher it will rank on Google.