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Want Better Website Speed? Here’s 5 Ways To Do It

Website Speed

How important do you think is your?

A lot, I suppose since you here, right?

But, did you ever take a moment to wonder about the reasons why it is crucial?

Of course, you would have!

Which is why here we are to help you uncover simple yet effective ways to improve the speed of your website. They are as follows:

1. Optimize The Size Of Images
Images play a critical role to enhance a visually stunning website design. Isn’t it? But, often they are also the reason behind a slowed down website.

In order to significantly improve the website speed, take steps to minimize the size of image files before uploading them. That can be done either by using the tools available online or by installing plugins to automatically do it for you.

2. Reduce The Number Of Plugins
Plugins are the most essential part of the website, designed to either add or improve the functionality of a website.  However, more the number of plugins, the more resources are required to run them.

Which is why this often ends up in reducing the speed of the website significantly. In fact, the outdated plugins further add fuel to the fire. For better results, audits should be conducted regularly to eliminate plugins that are not required.

3. Reduce 404 Errors & Redirects
Broken links may just seem like a small error that may not affect the speed of a website, but is one of the fastest ways to get a visitor off your website. Nobody would want that to happen, or would you?

Therefore, take a moment to identify and fix them using Google Webmaster Tools. Try to keep the number of redirects to as minimal as possible. Reason being, they sure do take a lot of time to reach the correct version of the page which reduces website speed.

4. Aim For A Simpler Website Design
Did you know that simplifying the design of a website can actually increase your website speed? The simple reason behind is that when there are fewer elements on the website, the number of HTTP requests made for all different elements that make up a website to load it is significantly reduced.

So, ask your web developer to not only create a website design that’s simple or user-friendly but also visually stunning with impressive load time.

5. Move To A Better Web Host
In order to tweak your website speed, there is a number of things that can be done as stated above. Correct, isn’t it? But what if all those ways don’t seem to work, no matter how hard you or your web developer try. What then?

In that case, the problem may not be with your website but your web server. Choosing a fast web host is the first step towards a faster website. So, who you choose to host your site can affect the speed of the website.

In addition to all of the above ways to improve your website speed another one worth mentioning here is ‘Browser Caching.’ Turning it on helps store critical elements on the hard drive of the viewer that allows the website to load faster when they return.
So, what are you going to do about your website speed?