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10 Things to Keep in Mind before making a Professional Website Design

When you’re running a business, and especially an ecommerce enterprise, your website matters. Its website design alone determines how much you earn from sales, how many of your customers will refer you to their friends and acquaintances and how your competitors perceive you.

Thinking of starting a professional website for your business? Here are ten things you should know about website design before you do.

It’s a process
Coming up with a website design that appeals to your audience, developing the code and other backends to support it – these are just a few rungs in the professional website design process.

Sometimes, little is better
You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much information on the home page. Diving the information into sections and other tabs on the website makes it more appealing.

Ten seconds is a Big deal
Whether it’s the ten seconds it takes to read irrelevant information on the first page or just to load the website, it influences a reader’s decision to revisit your site.

Choosing the Right Platform is essential
The correct platform will support the style and design of your entire professional website.

A Website is Good, but only if you promote it
If you don’t SEO your website, blog about it or share it on social media, then what’s the point of having one?

Domains matter
It needs to be easy to remember, hard to misspell and representative of the voice of your company. That way, more people will search for it.

Website Design is easier with CMS Software
Customer Management Systems such as the ones offered by WordPress can help you build easy-to-navigate websites that appeal to prospective customers.

Simple does it
A simple, elegant website design is more likely to grab a customer’s attention within seconds of visiting your site than a complicated, incomprehensible one.

Colors matter
The colors you choose should reflect your brand and more importantly, the emotion and impression you want those visiting the site to associate with you.

Functionality is Key
Whatever failsafe and backend you use should keep your site not only running, but doing so securely.

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