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Effective Ways To Drive More Traffic To A WordPress Website

WordPress Website

Driving more traffic to a WordPress website is not that difficult of a task if one’s awareness of how to do it the right way. Since here you are, trying to find them, remember it takes time and efforts not just to run a great website but also to drive more traffic to it.

So, without much ado, let’s explore effective ways that will help you improve WordPress website traffic in the long run.

1. Speed Up The Website

The traffic not just only for a WordPress website but any other website is directly proportional to the amount of time it takes to load. So, if it fails to load fast, a large chunk of your audience is sure to bounce only increasing the bounce rate and decreasing your conversion rates. And you would not want that to happen.

The process to resolve this issue is quick and painless, just ask your website developer to optimize the web pages including the landing pages. If want better website speed? Click here to know 5 ways to do it. It will further help boost your search engine rankings.

2. Install Google Analytics

Is there anything better than Google Analytics to get valuable information regarding the visitors on a WordPress website? Definitely not! Through its numerous in-depth reports, it helps understanding where all the traffic is coming from, which keywords to use in your content, all about the new and returning visitors, which websites make it all happen, and so much more.

Having all this information can be used to identify the loopholes to attract even more organic, referral, or direct traffic. Ignoring such vital information or Google Analytics itself can bring no good.

3. Incorporate Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs on a WordPress website is a small text path, often located right at the top of a page. In search results, or even on the website it helps the users by providing their present location and the ability to track previous pages.

Since visitors hate being lost, it enhances the user experience, which not only reduces the bounce rate but also make the visitors come back for more. Truth be told, Google loves it as much as the visitors do. Reason being it provides Google another way of figuring out the website’s structure as a sitemap created by a website developer does.

4. Search Engine Optimisation 

Search engine optimization undoubtedly is one of the most effective strategies to drive more traffic to a WordPress website. But, truth be told it requires time and efforts. Reason being it’s all about creating new, meaningful, useful, keyword rich content, along with internal links, and so much more.

Adding meta descriptions and image alt text further helps. If this sounds like a lot of work, which it is, ExpressBizSite offers reliable and affordable SEO services without any hassle. SEO services that unlike others actually show results in the long run.

5. Social Media Sharing

Social media platforms are the ultimate way to drive more traffic to your WordPress website, and there is no doubt about that fact. So, if you have been doing everything else, but not social media sharing, now is the right time to get started. It’s one of the best ways to keep the readers updated on the latest products, services, and blogs.

To do just that, begin with selecting the right platform for your targeted audience. Automate your social media posts if you have to, but ensure to keep the users entertained and engaged. Also, make it easier for them to share your content with their friends and followers.

How do you plan on driving more traffic to your WordPress website?