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How To Make Google Index Your Website Faster?

Google Index

Can you really make Google index your website faster, is that what you’re wondering?

Well, the good news is that yes you certainly can do that. But, did you know that without it the web pages cannot be ranked in search results?

Did you also know that usually, it takes some time for the google bots to crawl a site for new content to index?

But, if you do not wish to wait, there are a few reliable and effective ways to speed up the process. And they are as given below:

1. Google Search Console
If you wish to use Google Search Console to make Google index your website faster, it is highly recommended to create a sitemap at first. Once that’s done, submitting it to the Google Search Console will help the search engines effortlessly get the full structure of the website.

In turn that will make it easier for the crawlers to retrieve new content to show it quickly in the search results. This method is highly recommended because all pages & URLs on the website are automatically covered and especially those that might have never been discovered.

2. Regularly Create & Publish Blogs
Content writing is the key to a lot of problems if one thinks about it carefully. But then it is a time-consuming task which can have astounding benefits. In order to reap those benefits, you will need a blog on your main website.

Not only will it serve the purpose of providing information to the visitors but also help in improving the speed on indexing the site. You’ll be surprised to know that in comparison to the content on the static pages, content on the blogs is said to index faster.

P.S. – While writing content ensure to including quick SEO hacks for better results.

3. Install Google Analytics
You might already be aware of how Google Analytics is one of the greatest tools that gives comprehensive web analytics with a few clicks. Right? The life of an SEO expert is very much dependent on it.

And that’s not only because it’s capable of collecting & organizing site traffic into reports but also can be used to let the crawlers search & find your site. It may not directly facilitate that but will surely put your site on the map of the discoverable new site. Thus, making it a great strategy worth trying.

4. Stay Active On Social Media
We are all living in an era of social media for better or worse, aren’t we? Which is why if you own a business, every SEO expert will recommend you to have a business profile on the platforms most relevant to your brand & industry.

Since everyone’s on one or the other platform, it is a great place, to begin with getting your name as well as your content out there. Also because you will get tons of links in return which will eventually attract more crawlers to your site and help Google index it faster.

So, how are you going to get this task done?