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October 23, 2018

How to Make Your JavaScript Menu Search Engine Friendly?

Search engine optimization or just SEO, is one of the best ways for companies to make their websites more visible on the internet. With literally billion of web pages on the net today, it is important for businesses to rank as high as they can on search engines to ensure that they are selling more and that more people know them.

But just how do you make your JavaScript website more search engine friendly? With JavaScript being responsible for many of the poor rankings on the web, what can be done about it?

Put out the Clean Code first
Make no mistake, javascript is one language that can transform a user’s experience on a website just by making it more interactive. The only problem is that it can also hide text from search engines like Google and make the page hard to index, which results in poor SEO. To help with that, you can start by trying another way to build your website.

Instead of directly integrating JavaScript and its complexity into your original website development process, use HTML to write unobscured content and attach the necessary links to it. Writing clean code from the onset will create an opening for you to change it if you ever need to in future.

Integrate with JavaScript
After you have the basic skeleton of your website in hand, the next step would be introducing javascript to your website code.
For this, write your scripts in isolated spaces then layer it with the presentation and content parts of the code. By doing so, you will ensure that while users have an easy time navigating through your website, using JavaScript will not compromise on your site’s indexing or its search engine optimization.

Now that you have the means to do it, make sure you SEO your content even with JavaScript today.

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